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Business Protection

Business protection is all about insuring for the unexpected. It's a way of protecting your business if something goes wrong.

In the interests of financial security, business stability and continuity, it is essential to provide a safety net following the loss of a shareholder.
This can provide a business partnership with the funds to ‘buy out’ or compensate the deceased’s dependants, should a business partner die.
Also known as ‘key man insurance’, this can compensate a business for financial losses arising from the death, or extended incapacity, of a specified employee or director.

Personal Finance

Tom Slater who jointly runs the 7bn Scottish Mortgage investment trust reduced his weighting in Facebook as he foresaw the increased scrutiny in the social media giant that caused the share price to fall by more than 10 per cent
As the tax year draws to a close Isa providers are stepping forward with their best deals in an attempt to entice customers to deposit the last of their allowances.
Prices in the Orkney Islands for example are up 23.6 per cent to reach £144,214. The ONS does add, however, low sales numbers can lead to some volatility.
Sensible long-term strategies for investors who want to minimise the tax they pay and maximise their tax-efficient savings.
Sipp provider Dentons Pension Management has warned a case currently going through the courts could have profound effects on the Sipp market and lead to providers winding up their operations